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The Science of Genova Skincare

Genova Skincare products are based on science. Each active ingredient has been scientifically engineered to produce outstanding results within the skin. At Genova Skincare, we have worked extensively with our active ingredient partner, Lubrizol, in developing skincare formulations that work. In short, we have applied the science to every formulation, so that you can significantly benefit from their performance.

Lubrizol is a well-known global expert in advanced active ingredients for application in cosmetics. The science of Lubrizol’s technology incorporates the use of advanced peptides, marine biology, plant and botanical expertise and sophisticated delivery systems. We use all of these expertise within all Genova Skincare products. The results of using Lubrizol’s active ingredients on your skin will be both transforming and amazing.

Lubrizol active ingredients which are are used across the portfolio of Genova Skincare’s product formulations are outlined below. Simply click on an ingredient to outline its function and efficacy.

Genova's Key Actives

Brighlette is a marine-based ingredient which has a brightening effect on the skin’s complexion and helps to even skin tones by visibly reducing dark spots. Brighlette marine ingredient has been clinically proven to shrink hyper-pigmented areas by 6.9% and diminish melanin pigment by up to 61.1%.

BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient is a new cosmetic active which acts on various stages of melanin production and deposition in the skin for an integral and effective control of pigmentation. It is part of Lipotec’s new BIOINTEC™ blue biotechnology line of biotechnological ingredients. Isolated from a naturally occurring marine microorganism found on the southwest coast of Tenerife Island in Spain, it is produced through biotechnology, so there is no harvesting or extracting from nature.

BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient acts on various stages of melanin production and deposition in the skin to improve luminosity and decrease visibility of hyperpigmented areas to even out the skin tone. This extract has a brightening effect and homogenizes skin complexion by reducing melanin content, size and contrast of dark spots.

BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient consistently modulates several steps that provide pigmentation. It regulates gene expression of melanogenic signaling proteins to decrease the formation and maturation of melanosomes, reduces tyrosinase levels and activity, and diminishes melanin uptake by keratinocytes. In addition, it induces the expression of genes involved in DNA repair, necessary due to the loss of UV-protective pigment.

Cosmetic Benefits

  • Helps provide a more even skin tone
  • Helps prevent hyper-pigmented or dark spots, often an early sign of aging, especially in Asian skin
  • Helps lighten the complexion

PEELMOIST™ provides an improved moisturisation to the skin and preserves the natural barrier function of the skin’s surface. PEELMOISTTM molecular film can induce a significant moisturising effect within a minimum of 24 hours’ application, providing long lasting hydration.

Peeling and moisturisation are a powerful alliance, This molecular film is designed to achieve optimal release of papain and improve the skin’s hydration. The papain promotes the renewal of the stratum corneum by facilitating the removal of corneocytes. Ions and amino acids act to rehydrate the skin and maintain its barrier function. A well-exfoliated skin has a smooth and bright appearance and is soft to the touch. When hydrated perfectly, it is healthier and more radiant. 

Reproage improves the complexion of both older and younger skin. Reproage peptide has been clinically proven to improve the roughness of skin by up to 41.3% in people aged between 50-55 years, while improving the overall complexion of the skin.

Reproage™ peptide helps produce more radiant skin by brightening, promoting a smoother and less rough complexion, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles by supporting cell reprogramming. Reproage™ peptide is an ideal inclusion in facial products for rejuvenating and revitalizing, including moisturizers, sera, targeted treatments, and gels.

As we age, the progenitor cells in the basal layer of our skin slow down epidermal regeneration resulting in the signs of aging such as wrinkles, roughness, and lack of smoothness. Reproage™ peptide helps reduce those signs by modulating microRNA145 to promote epidermal self-renewal and cell proliferation.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced skin roughness
  • Increase in radiance
  • Decrease in stratum corneum turnover time
  • Increased resistance to the effects of aging by reprogramming skin cells

Snap-8 is an Octapeptide which reduces the depth of wrinkles within the skin’s surface. Importantly, SNAP-8TM peptide has been demonstrated to reduce muscle contractions, reducing wrinkle depth by up to 63% within 1 month.

Dubbed ‘The new Botox’, anti-ageing octapeptide SNAP-8™ is the newest form of anti-aging peptide Argireline. SNAP-8™ is composed of a chain of eight amino acids and applied topically via creams and serums. It’s recognised as a safer and cheaper alternative to injectables due to its main function – to disrupt neuronal exocytosis. It targets the same wrinkle formation mechanism as Botox and Dysport, but in a very different way.

SNAP-8™ works in harmony with your body

SNAP-8™ is biomimetic, which means it mimics the body’s natural function. Rather than cleaving the SNAP 25 protein, SNAP-8™ competes with it for a position in the SNARE complex. When SNAP-8™ replaces SNAP 25 the SNARE complex becomes destabilized and exocytosis cannot occur. Where anti-wrinkle injectables paralyse muscles, SNAP-8™ you could say relaxes them. You still get some muscle movement and facial expression because SNAP 8™ does not capture every SNAP 25 protein. The end result is a softer, more natural effect.

Wrinkle volume can be reduced by 21 percent in seven days and up to 63 percent in 28 days.

Several of our anti-ageing products are formulated with SNAP-8™ Peptide Solution, and recent studies show that by reducing muscle contractions with SNAP-8™, wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 21% in the first seven days, and up to 63% in one month of treatment. Fine lines and expression wrinkles fade, and the face looks smoother. It’s perfect for mature skin and also suitable for sensitive skin.

Actifcol boosts collagen production and firmness within the skin. ACTIFCOLTM advanced botanical ingredient has been clinically tested to provide an increase in key protein levels by up to 36.6%, providing a firmer and smoother complexion.

ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient by Lipotec acts as a firming and tensing agent. It is a shiitake mushroom-based extract that can boost type I collagen synthesis and enhance PLOD1 levels, which further help to improve protein quality. It helps in reducing carbamylation process responsible for the deterioration of collagen. ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient finds application for face, neck, decollete areas and mature skin.

Bodyensine is a tripeptide which reinforces the skin’s natural defense mechanism by stimulating small peptides in your skin with antimicrobial properties. In clinical trials using BODYFENSINETM peptide, the presence of sebum significantly decreased by 25% and skin moisturisation significantly increased by 38%.

BODYFENSINE® peptide by Lipotec acts as an antimicrobial, anti-acne and protective agent. Is a tripeptide that reinforces the skin’s natural defense mechanism and lowers the risk of possible infections by external agent. Provides protection from widespread bacterial invasion and promote wound healing. In-vivo studies had shown a significant reduction in sebum (by 25%) and increase in moisturization by 38%. 

Matmarine works on sebum control, which in turn helps prevent skin breakouts. This active ingredient helps to prevent sebocytes from becoming mature (only mature sebocytes produce sebum) hence the skin becomes less oily, pore size is reduced, with the number of visible pores being reduced in order to provide less chance of producing blemishes.

MATMARINE™ blue ingredient, obtained through biotechnology from a marine Pseudoalteromonas strain, is ideal for oily and combination skin. It is the perfect biotechnological ingredient to reduce extra shininess, pores, spots, and sebum.

Nocturshape provides a slimming effect and smoothes the skin by decreasing fat nodules during nocturnal (nighttime) intervals. NOCTURSHAPETM blue ingredient smoothes the skin, providing a general firming improvement of the skin’s appearance. NOCTURSHAPETM blue ingredient has been clinically demonstrated to improve the skins firmness by up to 23%, with the appearance of skin firmness within 15 days of application.

NOCTURSHAPE™ blue ingredient by Lipotec is a preservative-free anti-cellulite and slimming active. It targets the expression of the circadian protein-nocturnin in adipocytes which peaks at early night, reduces thigh contour and smooths the skin relief due to a decrease of fat nodules at night. It also helps to reinforce the dermal matrix, enhancing the firmness of the skin. NOCTURSHAPE™ blue ingredient is used in body care formulations with specific night time application.

Eyeseryl is a tetrapeptide with a demonstrated efficacy against puffy eyebags. In clinical tests, EYESERYLTM peptide was able to demonstrate a noticeable reduction in eyebags within 14 days, with elasticity improving by 30% after 30 days.

Eyeseryl® is a tetrapeptide with anti-edema properties with proven efficacy in reducing puffy under eyebags in as little as 15 days.  It can be incorporated in cosmetic formulations such as gels, serums, and emulsions where a reduction of puffiness under the eyes is desired.

Studies were performed with Eyeseryl® at a very low concentration (1%) in order to define a minimum concentration for which an effect could be measured. Both eyebag volume and dark circles were moderately, but significantly reduced.  Up to 10% of the solution can be incorporated into formulations to obtain significant eyebag-reducing activity.

Eyedeline lessens eyebags and dark circles, smoothes eye contour lines and provides a glow for younger looking skin. EYEDELINETM marine ingredient provides complete care for the eye area, achieving a younger and brighter look.

EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient by Lipotec acts as an anti-puff and rejuvenating agent. Increases the degradation of bilirubin, promotes collagen I and elastin production, and inhibits the formation of AGEs, improving the skin tone and luminosity. It enhances the appearance of the eye contour area, smoothes the eye contour lines and combats the three signs of tiredness and aging typical of this delicate skin area like dark circles, eyebags and wrinkles.

Telangyn is a technically advanced peptide which decreases the appearance of facial redness. TELANGYNTM peptide fights the undesired effects caused by inflammation such as skin redness and dilated blood vessels, tissue degradation as well as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dull skin.

Telangyn Peptide Solution is a cosmetic active developed by the Aimtec group of Lipotec designed to reduce the appearance of facial redness caused by inflammation.

Millions of people the world over suffer from skin redness linked to inflammatory overreactions which may cause general discomfort and influence our personal wellness in our daily and social life. Flushing skin, temporary or persistent erythema, telangiectasia, pustules, papules and itching may be experienced. Although these maladies usually apply to the facial area, they can also occur in the neck, ears, scalp and upper portions of the chest. What is clear is that there is an increase of skin inflammatory metabolites and reactions in people affected by facial redness and spider veins, suggesting that inflammation and its metabolites play a central role in these manifestations and disorders.

Telangyn™ is an innovative tetrapeptide specifically designed to decrease the appearance of facial redness and telangiectasia induced by an excessive inflammatory response. In skin facial disorders with redness and dilated capillaries, like rosacea, LL-37 expression is found to be abnormally high as well as IL-6 and IL-8 levels. In that it has been found that the skin’s response to inflammation and experimental sunburn lesions results in the release and increase of several pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, including IL-6 and IL-8, it can be said that LL-37 and skin disorders with erythema are linked. TelangynTM works to reduce the release of interleukins (IL-6 & IL-8) induced by 37-amino-acid peptide (LL-37).

Cosmetic Benefits

  • Fights skin redness caused by inflammation
  • Fights post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces appearance of dialated blood vessels

Delisens is specifically designed to restore the skin’s damaged barrier function and provide a protective effect, preventing further inflammation. DELISENSTM peptide has been clinically demonstrated to increase hydration levels by up to 34%, ameliorating skin dryness, scaling, smoothness, softness and suppleness in sensitive skin.

 DELISENS™ peptide by Lipotec acts as a soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturising and repairing agent. It is a hexapeptide that attenuates neurogenic inflammation and relieves itch in sensitive skin. Restores the damaged barrier function and provides a photo-protective effect. Also decreases nagging pain sensation, discomfort and helps in re-epithelization of damaged skin. Delisens offers scaling, smoothness and softness to very dry sensitive. In vivo studies had shown its ability to improve the stinging feeling.

Vanistryl is designed to increase the skin’s elasticity and to help visibly reduce the signs of scars and stretch marks. This active ingredient also helps to reconstruct extra cellular matrix components (collagen and elastin), providing a wound healing effect, while reducing skin tension (so it relaxes the skin). Importantly, this active ingredient works on both new and old scars and stretch marks.

Vanistryl® by Lipotec is a combination of several active ingredients incorporated in Lipotec’s new delivery system that acts by different mechanisms to treat the appearance of scars and stretch marks that are already formed and avoiding the appearance of new ones.

Vanistryl® is a translucent gel containing:

  • 1.87% Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract
  • 0.025% Acetyl Tripeptide-30 Citruline
  • 0.01% Pentapeptide-18

Vanistryl® protects connective tissue from degradation, helps to reconstruct the skin’s extra cellular matrix (ECM) components, provides a wound healing effect and reduces skin tension.  The overall effect is translated into a visible attenuation of old and recent scars and stretch marks in vivo.

Chromabright is a powerful active ingredient which inhibits the production of melanin, aiding the brightening of the skin, while preventing photoaging. CHROMABRIGHTTM molecule is a cutting-edge active ingredient which has been found to produce significant results between 30 and 60 days.

 CHROMABRIGHT® molecule by Lipotec acts as a lightening agent. It brightens the skin safely, prevents photo-aging and also helps to prevent the skin damage caused by UV radiation. It possesses a photo-protective effect on human epidermal keratinocytes and shows neither cytotoxic effects nor any irritation or sensitization reaction.

Serilisene is a peptide which restructures the skin, providing the appearance of firmer and more elastic skin density within 2 months.

Serilesine® is a hexapeptide; a synthesized sequence from the alpha chain of Laminin. This peptide retains many of the characteristics of the native protein, and promotes cell adhesion and proliferation. Certain features of the DEJ (the dermal epidermal junction) are altered by the aging process, such as the anchoring ability of keratinocytes, probably due to deficiencies in the expression of integrins as we age.

Laminin-5 synthesis has also been proved to decrease in aged skin. This causes a loss of contact between dermis and epidermis, and results in the skin losing elasticity and becoming saggy. The cohesion between dermis and epidermis is essential to maintain skin balance because it enables the transport of oxygen, nutrients and waste, contributing to the health of the epidermis. Serilesine’s synthetic hexapeptide from Laminin-1 is able to restore the skin’s normal function by promoting synthesis of Laminin-5, stimulating keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation, inducing a redensifying effect on the dermis, and an improvement in skin elasticity, compactness, tonicity and smoothness.


  • Improves cell adhesion by enhancing synthesis of laminin-5
  • Adhesion of cells to the basement membrane and among themselves provides firmness to the skin
  • Increased contact between skin cells ensures correct nourishment and health
  • Induces a significant increase in dermis density, improving skin compactness

Papain is a protein-degrading enzyme that is found naturally in papaya and is often referred to as a “plant-based pepsin”. Genova Skincare uses papain in exfoliating products to remove dead surface skin.

Lactic Acid is a powerful ingredient which helps to reduce the visible signs of acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles.

Lactic acid is a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA) produced by fermentation of sugars. It is the alpha hydroxy acid most frequently used for peel products.

Salicylic Acid works by removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal renewed skin underneath. In the case of acne sufferers, this means sweeping away blocked pores on the skin’s surface.

When it comes to skin-care products, there are two classes of acids you’ll see often: beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid. Both alpha and beta hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin, but AHAs are water-soluble, while BHAs are oil-soluble. Examples of AHAs, for reference, include glycolic and lactic acids.

Generally, oil-soluble ingredients penetrate through the lipid (fat) layers between the skin cells more readily. In other words, oil-soluble ingredients can penetrate the skin at a deeper level than their water-soluble counterparts. AHAs work well on the skin’s surface to loosen old, dead skin and reveal fresh newer skin. Salicylic acid works deeper [and is] able to penetrate into the pores to unclog them.


Allantoin is a non-irritating ingredient which soothes and protects the skin. Allantoin effectively softens the skin and helps to protect it.

In general, Allantoin is non-toxic and safe for cosmetic use. It’s non-irritating and is a gentle anti-ager in skincare and is good for most skin types, including sensitive skin or those with a range of skin conditions, because it has the additional functionality of being a calming agent.



Genova products contain leading-edge active ingredients


Genova products have been dermatologically tested


Genova products are not tested on animals
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