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Company Information

As a middle-aged female going through the stages of menopause, I struggled to find skincare products specifically designed for my age and stage of life.  Faced with skin conditions such as facial redness and dryness, age spots and sagging skin, I tried to source products which would address my needs.

An inability to find suitable products in the marketplace led to a two year exploratory journey to discover which active ingredients and formulations were specifically suited to menopausal skin and most importantly, were effective.  During this time, many different formulations were tried and tested until products were developed that truly improved my skin over time. 

Thrilled with the results, I decided to produce a range of skincare for women of similar age and skin condition. The products are safe, effective and supported by scientific research.  All formulations have been created using the finest natural and synthetic ingredients available. Product formulations have been tested by Eurofins in Europe to ensure that they are non-irritating and suitable for all types of skin.  Importantly, all Genova Skincare formulations are made right here in Australia.

I invite you to try the Genova Skincare products for your skin.  I am confident that you’ll absolutely love your results.


Founder & CEO Genova Skincare

Skincare with a conscience

In establishing the range of Genova Skincare, we have been very conscious of testing products within a laboratory environment, without the use of animal testing practices. Consequently, we do not use any animal tested ingredients from our suppliers, nor do we test final Genova Skincare formulations on animals.

We care about your skin

Genova Skincare’s product range has been tested by leading laboratories in Europe. All gels, serums and creams have been comprehensively tested for non-primary irritation, non-primary sensitisation and to be suitable for sensitive skin. As a result of this extremely thorough testing procedure, all products within the Genova Skincare range have been confirmed as non-irritant and accordingly certified by a panel of dermatologists.

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