Company Information

Genova Skincare was created to provide an innovative way of managing skin conditions. Our point of difference is using scientifically researched ingredients to substantially improve the state of your skin. Genova products are based on science and will provide you with a clinical approach to managing your skin’s condition, helping you to gain highly measurable improvement and ultimately improve your level of confidence.

Genova Skincare manufactures a range of creams, serums and gels for a variety of skin conditions. Genova has also developed a range of leading-edge devices which assist to effectively clean the skin and help to apply Genova’s skin care product directly and efficiently through the skin’s surface, to the heart of skin cells.

Genova Skincare is a 100% Australian owned company, incorporating scientifically based active ingredients which have been globally sourced from our active ingredients partner, Lubrizol, to achieve optimal skin care results. Genova Skincare is committed to providing the finest ingredients within our product formulations. All Genova Skincare treatment products are designed, formulated and manufactured in Australia.

Extensive time and care has been taken in all product development, preparation and manufacturing sequences. After testing for sensitivity through leading laboratories in Europe, all Genova Skincare products have been dermatologically certified.

Genova Skincare is committed to ongoing scientific research, in order to ensure that our products are at the cutting edge of skincare development.

In choosing Genova Skincare products, you can be assured that they have been thoroughly researched and contain the best available scientifically-proven active ingredients. In short, Genova products work – and will be of significant benefit to you.

Importantly, Genova Skincare products do not contain detergents, animal derived products, Cocamide DEA/MEA’s,synthetic fillers, artificial colours, sulphates, parabens or any ingredients identified by Genova Australia’s research which could be potentially harmful.

We are confident that you will love using the Genova range of skincare products, and most importantly, love your results.

Skincare with a conscience

In establishing the range of Genova Skincare, we have been very conscious of testing products within a laboratory environment, without the use of animal testing practices. Consequently, we do not use any animal tested ingredients from our suppliers, nor do we test final Genova Skincare formulations on animals.

We care about your skin

Genova Skincare’s product range has been tested by leading laboratories in Europe. All gels, serums and creams have been comprehensively tested for non-primary irritation, non-primary sensitisation and to be suitable for sensitive skin. As a result of this extremely thorough testing procedure, all products within the Genova Skincare range have been confirmed as non-irritant and accordingly certified by a panel of dermatologists.

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