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Company Information

I’m Kim Louise, the founder of Genova Skincare. Like many, as I entered the middle chapters of my life, I noticed the subtle shifts in my skin. Redness, dryness, age spots, and a gentle yielding to gravity began to appear. While these changes are a natural part of our life’s journey, I found myself searching for products that could address these unique challenges. However, the market seemed to lack comprehensive skincare solutions tailored for my specific needs.

This observation propelled me into an intensive two-year research phase. I delved deeply into the world of skincare, scrutinising active ingredients and their potential benefits for ageing skin. After extensive trials and collaboration with experts, I was able to curate formulations that significantly improved the texture and appearance of my skin.

From this personal research, Genova Skincare emerged. Our products, being a synergy of select natural elements and advanced synthetic compounds, stand as a testament to quality and efficacy. Validated through rigorous testing by Eurofins in Europe, each item in our line is designed to be gentle, ensuring suitability for a wide range of skin types. Together with a commitment to local craftsmanship, all Genova Skincare formulations are designed and proudly produced in Australia.

I invite you to explore Genova Skincare. It is my sincere hope that you will find, as I did, solutions that truly resonate with your skin’s evolving narrative.

Best regards,

Kim Louise.

Skincare with a conscience

While bringing the Genova Skincare range to life, our utmost priority has been to uphold ethical standards, particularly refraining from animal testing. We ensure this commitment is maintained throughout our supply chain – none of our ingredients have been subjected to animal testing. Similarly, we guarantee that our finished Genova Skincare products are also free from such practices.

We care about your skin

Genova Skincare’s diverse product selection has undergone extensive evaluation by premier European laboratories. Each gel, serum, and cream has been meticulously examined for non-primary irritation, non-primary sensitisation, and compatibility with sensitive skin. Due to these rigorous testing processes, every item in Genova Skincare’s range has been declared non-irritating and granted certification by a consortium of dermatologists.

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